Dieet plan

Wat is er lekkerder dan een appelkruimeltaart te eten als het koud is? Nou, er is niets…

What is better than eating an apple crumble when it’s cold? Well there is nothing better🥰🤫

Today my family and I are working in the garden and it’s so cold. It doesn’t feel like fall anymore it’s so cold it can be winter. So as we took a break I made this apple crumble. I already wanted it to post but I wasn’t that happy so I changed some things and now it’s perfect😍🍎


~ one apple
~ 5-10g maple syrup
~ kaneel

~ 45g oats
~ 10g protein powder
~ 10g chopped walnuts or any nuts you like
~ 10g maple syrup
~ 5g olive oil
~ kaneel
~ salt

1️⃣ Mix all ingredients for the base and all ingredients for the crumble in separate bowls

2️⃣ Oil a ramekin and fill in the base and the crumble on top

3️⃣ Let it bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 180°C

I topped mine with some coconut yogurt but I can imagine eating it with vanilla ice cream or some dessert sauce would be pretty delicious as well.

All in all, this crumble is a 12/10😍🤤

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