Dieet plan

Wat een heerlijke zondag heb ik een ochtendwandeling gemaakt met mijn ouders en mijn hond. …

What a wonderful Sunday😍

I went for a morning walk with my parents and my dog. Am I the only one who loves the feeling of cold cheeks?😅

After my walk, I made this yummy Christmas breakfast🤫 It’s ”Kaiserschmarren” with speculoos protein powder myproteinde 😍

~ 65g oats (blended into flour)
~ 15g semolina
~ 15g protein powder
~ bakpoeder
~ 1 egg white
~ around 200ml sparkling water

~ kaneel
~ raisins

1) Combine all dry ingredients and add the water. The consistency shouldn’t be runny.

2) beat the egg white until stiff and mix under the batter

3) carefully add the raisins

4) heat some oil in a pan and fill in the complete batter. On medium heat wait till the bottom is done. Divide the batter into quarters. Flip them.

5) Shortly before this site is done too cut it into tiny pieces.

I topped the ”Kaiserschmarren” with caramelized apples, sliced almonds, and hazelnuts😍

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