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VEGGIE ZWEEDSE GEHAKTBALLEN • Ooooooft dit was een goede 412 cals in totaal! • M…


Ooooooft this was a goodun 👌 412 cals altogether!

Meatballs: I used Tesco plant meatballs but split them in half to make 24 meatballs. Sprayed a baking tray with frylight and baked for 20 mins at 200°C.

For the gravy: Cook a chopped onion & then add balsamic vinegar and cook until caramelised. Add 720ml veg stock & ½ tsp dried rosemary. Simmer for 20 mins. Blend the sauce until smooth and then add back to the pan. Add 4 tbsp lightest philadelphia and mix together. Add the meatballs in and stir for another 5 mins.

Peel the potatoes, chop and boil for 25 mins. Drain and then return them back to the pan. Add ½ tsp mustard powder, 100ml skimmed milk, 7g low fat margarine, salt & pepper. Mash until smooth.

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