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VEGAN havermout voor St.Patrick's Day Laten we echte haver zijn in welke vorm dan ook…

VEGAN green-oats for St.Patrick’s Day🍀

Let’s be real😅 oats in any kind of form make the best breakfasts🥰

With this bowl, I went for a green and super healthy oatmeal (again)🤫

I used hemp protein as a vegan protein source and some spirulina powder. To match my green base I decided to use blueberries and a kiwi as toppings. And of course, can’t forget about the peanut butter.

A little side note: my peanut butter jar is nearly empty but no need to worry because I still have 2kg🤫😇

Hope your day is fully packed with joy and luck😊🍀
I wish you the best💗


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