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Vegan cake Deze cake is geschikt voor ontbijt of dessert. Uw keuze Alle …

Vegan cake😊

This cake is appropriate for breakfast or dessert. Your choice🥰

Al wat je nodig hebt:

Cookie base:
– 75 gram havermeel
– 5g seeds
– 10g notenboter
– 50 gram havermelk

Chocolate layer:
– 200 ml havermelk
– 25g eiwitpoeder
– cacaopoeder
– 3g agar agar

-> Mix the ingredients for the cookie base and bake for 10-15 minutes at 180°C. Mix protein powder and oat milk with the cacao and heat in a pot. Add cold water to the agar agar and add to the pot. Boil and fill into your baking form. Place it into the fridge and serve the next morning.


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