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Tiramisu Overnight Oats VEGAN Als je niet kwijlt kan ik je niet helpen En het is zo s…

Tiramisu overnight oats 🤯😍🍫VEGAN

If you don’t drool I can’t help you😅
And it’s so simple, perfect for every morning.

Alles wat je nodig hebt is:
– 80g haver
– 250 oat milk
– 30g protein powder (I used salted caramel chocolate myvegan)
– seeds if you like (extra fiber sauce)

-> Cook until creamy and transfer to a bowl

– 100 g haver yoghurt alpro

-> layer the yogurt on top and place it in the fridge over the night. The next morning I sieved cacao powder on top added pomegranate seeds and lindt chocolate.


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