Dieet plan

Dikke en romige kaneel-pruimenhaver Het weer maakt me op dit moment gek. Laatst…

Thick and creamy cinnamon-plum oats✨

The weather drives me crazy right now. Last week we had sun and 20°C and now it’s snowing🤯 what is going on???

Well at least I had an excuse to make this oatmeal which tasted like winter to me🤫

Isn’t it crazy that we can associate a meal or even only one ingredient with a situation or a season?

For me, cinnamon and plums remind me of winter and snow😅

This consistency levels this meal up 😍

I cooked the oats with oat milk and added chia seeds and flax seeds. After cooking I mixed in my cinnamon protein powder myproteinde (btw it’s empty now☹️) and topped it off with some caramelized plums🤩

Heavenly delicious💗


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