Dieet plan

-> swipe om het stekje te zien Ja ik geef toe dat ik moet leren een pannenkoek te snijden…

-> swipe to see the cutting

Yes I admit that I have to learn cutting a pancake stack aesthetically😂😇

I think this pancake recipe is one of the best I’ve ever made🤤

On the weekends I like to do breakfasts which take longer to make. During the week I don’t have enough time to make special breakfasts. So I typically eat oats from Monday to Friday and something special Saturday and Sunday🤩

Today I went for some fluffy protein pancakes.

– 50g oat flour
– 180g skyr or low-fat quark
- 1 ei
- kaneel
– vanilla
- bakpoeder

-> Mix everything until it becomes a sticky batter

-> Oil a pan and heat it. Now form the pancakes and flip it after a few minutes.

I drizzled some coconut blossom syrup and almond butter on top. A plum and a few slices of a banana gave the stack the finishing touch🥰💗

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