Dieet plan

-> swipe voor de consistentie Fijne woensdag allemaal de zon schijnt dus daar …

-> swipe for the consistency 😍

Happy Wednesday everyone☀️ the sun is out so there is no reason to not be outside and be happy☺️
Go out and soak up the last rays of the sun💗
I’ll definitely be outside and enjoy the last warm day😅

My breakfast this morning was an absolute transition breakfast. I had the pomegranate seeds as summer fruit and figs and banana as fall-flavor😍 the cinnamon and the almond butter did the rest😇

~ 150g skyr alpro
~ 50g Greek yogurt
~ 45g oats koelln_deutschland
~ one banana
~ one fig
~ 30g pomegranate seeds

~ shaved almonds
~ cacao nibs traderjoes
~ kaneel
~ almond butter alnatura

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