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Zomerse pasta met zalm en artisjokharten Deze pasta is zo verfrissend en …

Summer pasta with salmon and artichoke hearts 😍☀️

This pasta is so refreshing and delicious 🤯 it’s very creamy and great for the summer days you need a quick pick me up😊

– 100 gram pasta
– 70g artichoke hearts
– 80g frozen spinach (fresh one is great as well)
– 60g peas
– 25 gram rode ui
– 1 teen knoflook
– 20g sour cream
– 5g Edelgist
- Zalm
- olijfolie

-> Cook the pasta, peas, and spinach. In a greased pan fry the salmon and add the onions. Once the pasta etc. has cooked add it to the pan as well and. Now it’s time for the sour cream and the nutritional yeast. Of course, you can add more of each ingredient, this is just how I did it. In the end, add the artichoke hearts.


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