Dieet plan

De dag beginnend met wat gemarmerde pannenkoeken kwam ik op het idee terwijl ik…

Starting the day with some marbled pancakes 🤩

I came up with the idea while I enjoyed a cup of hot tea in a cafe with my mom. We both got a cafe cookie and it was marbled (swipe to see my inspiration). Then I got the idea of making marbled pancakes and they did not disappoint me.

~ 75g oats blended into flour
~ 25g coconut flour
~ 170g oat milk
~ 20g protein powder (mine was vanilla)
~ bakpoeder
~ 5g cacaopoeder

1️⃣ Mix all ingredients except the cacao.

2️⃣ Separate of the batter a half into another bowl and add the cacao. You might have to add more milk.

3️⃣ Heat up a pan with some oil and pour in a bit of the white batter and a but of the cacao batter. Take a stick or a spoon and swirl both types of batter. Flip after a few minutes

It was so good🤩 next time I will try marbled waffles what do you think?

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