Dieet plan

GELUID AAN voor Dit is het meest bevredigende ontbijt dat ik in lange tijd heb gehad.


This is the most satisfying breakfast I had for a long time🤩

I call it the “fluffy oatcake with a touch of fruit” hehe😁

– 75 gram havermeel
– 1 ei + 1 eiwit
– 100g low-fat quark
- bakpoeder
– 1/2 banana
– around 200ml oat milk
– rhubarb

1️⃣ separate the egg white and beat it until stiff

2️⃣ mix the flour, with the egg yolk, the banana, the quark, the bask in powder, and some oat milk until it’s a homogeneous batter

3️⃣ add the egg white gently

4️⃣ add some rhubarb and fill into an ovenproof dish, top off with the rest rhubarb

5️⃣ bake at 180°C for about 15-20 minutes



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