Dieet plan

"Soms is het moeilijk om de realiteit onder ogen te zien" Deze tekst is zo waar. Laat u niet misleiden door…

“Sometimes it’s hard to face reality”

This lyric is so true. Don’t be fooled by things you see online.

You see this breakfast bowl filled with oats and some fruit but the reality is the last slide. And I had even more banana than in the first pic because I needed more to fuel my body🤷🏻‍♀️ but it wouldn’t be that beautiful if my bowl would be filled with banana right? As it wouldn’t even look good if it’s mixed up like the 3rd pic.

Remember that the people on social media only show what they want you to see. There is so much more behind a post.

You might see an always positive person in their stories and posts but they have bad days as well. They look perfect in every picture they post but in reality, they shot thousands of pictures to get THE ONE.

Don’t compare your life to their life😊 you are doing amazing💗


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