Dieet plan

Een soort van "alle restjes opeten zodat we ze niet meenemen naar de nieuwjaarslunch ...

Some sort of “eating all leftovers so we don’t take them into the new year-lunch”

We had multiple opened things I used in this lunch. I don’t like to take opened things into the new year.

I used two types of pasta I opened up a few weeks ago. I cooked them with frozen spinach (opened as well). I chopped up tomatoes and ham. Once the pasta was over I drained the water and heated the last in a pan. I wanted to get the ham and the noodles a bit crispy😅
I found a burrata in the fridge which my mom accidentally bought. I added it to the pasta.

Went crazy with seasoning.
Do you know this feeling of being productive just because you emptied a lot of leftovers?😂

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