Dieet plan

SNACKTIME ja, we hebben echt een varken in onze tuin. Ik heb het ooit als geboorte gekregen...


yes, we actually do have a pig in our garden. I once got it as a birthday present from my parents because I am pig obsessed😅🤫. I just love them😍 I always wanted (and still want) a domestic pig💗🙈 they are so cute😩

anyway back to my snack😅

I made some healthy crêpes…

~ 1/2 cup oats
~ 1/2 cup oat milk
~ een ei
~ kaneel

-> blend everything in a blender, heat up a pan with oil, and pour the batter in.
I ate mine with a golden kiwi zesprikiwifruit and cacao nibs😍

have a nice day💕

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