Dieet plan

Rabarber 'n' berry-gebakken haver -> swipe fit the consistentie Ja, ik ben kennis...

Rhubarb ‘n’ berry- baked oats🫐😍
-> swipe fit the consistency

Yes I am knowledgeable this isn’t the most aesthetic looking breakfast I’ve ever posted but it’s still super delicious😇🤩

I convinced my mom to buy rhubarb for me so I can make this so don’t let it flop😂

– 70 gram havermeel
– 150-180ml havermelk
– 15g protein powder
- bakpoeder

-> mix together

– 80g rhubarb (peeled)
– 100g froze raspberries
– 50g blueberries

-> gently stir under the batter

-> bake around 20min

This tastes like cake🤩 can be eaten as breakfast or as dessert. But honestly eat it whenever and wherever you like💜


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