Dieet plan

Dadelpruim gecombineerd met haver en gesmolten chocolade Eigenlijk was het de bedoeling om…

Persimmon combined with oats and melted chocolate🤤

Actually, it was planned to get a little creative with my breakfasts because I have more time in the morning since I have holidays🥰🥳

Was I excited? Yes
Did I plan recipes? Yes
Have I done them yet? No
Did I just made oats because of comfort? Absolutely. My obsession is way too big to not eat them😂

This is a cinnamon protein oatmeal with persimmon.

I cooked 60g oats with 250g oatmilk. After cutting a persimmon I added it to the pot and stirred until the liquid is absorbed. After cooking I added my cinnamon protein powder. I add the protein after cooking because I love the creamy and thick consistency it creates😍
On top, I drizzled cashew butter, 85% dark chocolate, and more persimmon.

Have a lovely day🥳

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