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Pindakaasgelei Havermout Vandaag is havermout een speciale. Iedereen houdt van, maar bu…

🥜Peanut butter jelly oats🥜

Today oatmeal is a special one. Everybody loves but butter and everybody loves but butter in combination with marmalade right?

This marmalade is well-made, quick, and without sugar😊

I got inspired by oatcaro🙏🏻 we made a collab so if you want to see which recipe of mine she recreated go and take your time🥰


1️⃣ your basic oatmeal recipe

2️⃣ for the marmalade take some frozen raspberries (or any other type of berries) and hear them in a pan with a splash of water. Smash them until they get a paste-like consistency.

3️⃣ add your oats to a bowl and top with the jam and some nut butter😍

It’s incredibly delicious🥰


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