Dieet plan

PASTA CON SPINACI met courgette en zalm Dit was geen geplande lunch die ik oorspronkelijk…

🍝PASTA CON SPINACI🍝 with zucchini and salmon

This wasn’t a planned lunch😅

I originally wanted to make an Asian pasta recipe but I had some leftover tomato sauce and I thought that would match🤷🏻‍♀️

So I made this spinach pasta with zucchini and salmon🥰

– 95g pasta con spinaci
– 200g tomato sauce
– 130g zucchini
– voedingsgist
- Zalm
- olijfolie

1️⃣ cook the pasta and cut the zucchini

2️⃣ sautee the zucchini in some olive oil and add the salmon to fry as well

3️⃣ once it’s done add the sauce and the nutritional yeast

4️⃣ add the pasta and mix until combined

That’s all you gotta do for a delicious meal🥰


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