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PASTAKOM MET VEGANSAUS Een pastakom per dag houdt de dokter weg Ik wou dat het ...


A pasta bowl a day keeps the doctor away😊
I wish it would be like that.
Honestly, I am OBSESSED with pasta. It’s a good source of carbs.

For this recipe, I used red lentil pasta because it has a lot of protein in it🤩

– 100g red lentil pasta (or any other pasta)
– 30g bell pepper-chili vegan spread
– 30g tomato puree
– 90g tomatoes
- lente-uitjes
– 50g baby spinach
– 100 gram champignons
– 100ml oat milk or normal milk
– ham (if you need more protein)
– parmesan cheese
- olijfolie

1️⃣ kook de pasta

2️⃣ sautee the mushrooms and the spring onions in some olive oil and add the ham (if you like)

3️⃣ if the mushrooms are soft add the spinach and the cooked pasta

4️⃣ mix the sauce with tomato puree, vegan spread, and milk together and add to the pan as well

Season to your liking and serve😊

Of course, topped with parmesan cheese 🧀


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