Dieet plan

Pannenkoekenbeslag haver Ik kan niet de enige zijn die wat beslag in de b…

Pancake batter oats😍

I can’t be the only one who is leaving some batter in the bowl after making pancakes just to lick it out😅 , please🙏🏻

So why don’t we make an egg-less (because of the salmonella) variation you can directly spoon out of the bowl?

– 70 gram havermeel
– 80g banana
– 30g protein powder(any taste you like)
– 150-200ml havermelk
- Chia zaden
- amandelboter

1️⃣ blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Be careful with the liquid you don’t want it too liquid

2️⃣ this step is optional but I heated the mixture in a pot – this is why I needed more oat milk

3️⃣ top with your favs and enjoy😊


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