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Havercake maar dan anders -> swipe fit the texture reveal Wie houdt er niet van cake ri…

Oatcake but different🔥
-> swipe fit the texture reveal🤤

Who doesn’t love cake right? But for breakfast it’s unhealthy you think? Well then you have to try this recipe😊
It’s quick, easy, and even healthier🤫

I am a fan of making a dessert healthier and breakfast approved💗


– 70g quick oats
– 200-240ml oat milk
– 4g chia seeds
– 4g flax seeds
– cacaopoeder
– 26g cinnamon protein powder myproteinde (optional)
– 4g collagen protein powder myproteinde (optional)
– pecans
- banaan
– bosbessen

1️⃣ cook the oats and the seeds in your milk

2️⃣ stir in the protein powder if you want to add some protein to your breakfast

3️⃣ fill the oatmeal into a bowl and let it cool

4️⃣ after it cooled down put it into the fridge over the night

5️⃣ in the morning take it out. Eat it directly out of the bowl or flip it onto a plate

6️⃣ now it’s your turn to be creative

bon appetite 💗

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