Dieet plan

Mijn ziel heeft de zomer nodig, dus mijn lunch moet dienen. Heb je aardappelpuree geprobeerd y ...

My soul needs summer so my lunch has to serve😅🥰

Have you tried smashed potatoes yet? Those were si crispy😍

This plate was 100% summer and super refreshing.

Basically, it’s stacked:

1) iceberg salad
2) crispy smashed potatoes -> swipe
3) cottage cheese
4) corn, bell pepper, peas
5) shrimps
+ avocado on the sides

RECIPE for the smashed potatoes:

1️⃣ pre-cook your potatoes for 10min

2️⃣ put them on a baking tray and press them down

3️⃣ add oil, salt, pepper, and Italian herbs on top and bake for 30min at 200°C



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