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Mediterrane AARDAPPELSALADE dit recept is een overwinning Vandaag is de eerste spri…

Mediterranean POTATO SALAD😍🥗

this recipe is a win👩🏻‍🍳💗

Today is the first day of spring and let me tell you…
The weather doesn’t make it seem like it. It’s so grey and dark☹️

But this salad brings a but sunshine to your heart☀️

RECIPE for one:
– 350g potatoes
– 120g asparagus
– 140g bell pepper
– 50g green olives
– 25g red onions
– kipfilet
- pijnboompitten

– 5g olijfolie
– 10g balsamic vinegar
– 5g white wine vinegar
– 5g honey
– 6g mustard
– 10g lime juice

1️⃣ cook the potatoes and the chicken for 25 minutes

2️⃣ cut the asparagus and fry in a greased pan

3️⃣ mix all ingredients for the sauce

4️⃣ cut the olives m, the onion and the bell pepper

5️⃣ drain and cut the potatoes and shred the chicken

6️⃣ mix all ingredients and serve


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