Dieet plan

MATCHA FRAMBOZEN GEBAKKEN HAVER Ok, maar dit was het volgende niveau dat ik weet dat zou ...


Ok but this was the next level😍

I know that tinyy_foodiee wouldn’t agree with me because of the liquid middle but I don’t mind😅🥰🤫

– 80 gram havermeel
– 20g matcha protein powder
– 150ml oat milk
- 1 ei
- bakpoeder

for the filling🥣

– 100g frozen raspberries (defrosted over the night)
– 100g almond yogurt

1️⃣ blend all ingredients for the batter

2️⃣ fill 2/3 in an ovenproof dish

3️⃣ mash the raspberries and stir into the yogurt and fill on top of the batter

4️⃣ add the other 1/3 and bake at 200°C for 15 minutes

I hope you liked today’s post as much as I did😊💗


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