Dieet plan

Ik ben de laatste tijd dol op paella, ik weet het, ik weet dat het niet is zoals het originele recept, maar het is d ...

Loving paella lately😍
I know, I know it’s not like the original recipe but its damn close🤤🤫

• rice (I used brown rice)
• peas
• paprika
• sea food
• avocado
• turmeric
• chili powder
• salt
• curry

➡️ cook the rice and the peas
➡️ cut the paprika into cubes
➡️ sautée the sea food in some oil in a pan, once they are done add the was and the rice to the pan. Then add the paprika and the seasonings.
➡️ you might need to add some water so it’s not that dry
➡️ I topped it off with some avocado for some healthy fats

Soo good it’s a 12/10 and definitely recommendable🥰

I am a proud mother of a new recipe😂

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