Dieet plan

Citroen bosbessen haver Als de zomer niet wil komen en ik ben hier voor...

Lemon blueberry oats🫐🍋

If the summer doesn’t wanna come along tinyy_foodiee and I are here for you😊

We want to share our summer breakfast with you guys💜 if you want to know how her version of this recipe you should have a look at her amazing account🤗

– 75 gram haver
– 250ml oat milk
– 5g chiazaden
– 20g eiwitpoeder
– 10ml lime juice
– lime zest
– Greek yogurt
– hemp hearts
– bosbessen

These are my measurements but of course, it’ll work with more or fewer oats, protein powder, etc.

You can use vegan protein powder and vegan yogurt to adjust to your diet🥰


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