Dieet plan

Het is herfst en dat betekent worteltaart havermout na mijn training, ik voelde me geweldig en…

It’s fall and that means carrot cake oatmeal😍🍁

after my workout, I felt great and powerful, and these oats were filling and just yummy☺️

here is the recipe:
– 50g oats
– 120g oat milk + water
– 40g carrots (grated)
– 10g ginger (grated)
– 5g lijnzaad
– 2g turmeric (we only had powdered)

-> cook everything like usual

I topped the oats with some more carrots, walnuts, almonds, raisins, and maple syrup🍁

It was again the first time trying it and I am super happy with the result🤩 hope you like it too💕

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