Dieet plan

Het is Curry-tijd Het is koud en regenachtig en alles wat ik wilde was iets warms en vuls…

It’s Curry time🥰

It’s cold and rainy and all I wanted was something warm and filling😊 this was it🤩


1️⃣ sautee an onion and a clove of garlic in a pot along with some olive oil

2️⃣ add a chicken breast to it and season it with garam masala spices, salt, pepper, curry, and turmeric

3️⃣ add a can of tinned tomatoes and let it cook for 30 minutes – after 15 minutes I added frozen spinach and a bell pepper

Serve with some rice💜

This tastes amazing. Of course, you can add more spices and veggies to your liking😊


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