Dieet plan

Vandaag was het tijd voor een kerstontbijt. Super blij wakker geworden over…

It was time for a Christmas inspired breakfast today.

Woke up super happy about the progress I am making.

Little storytime: This night I woke up and saw that it’s something:25 o’clock. I thought I woke up because of my alarm which was supposed to wake me up at 5:25h. I went upstairs got into my workout clothes and wanted to start my workout. Then I took a look at my watch and it was 11:25 pm. I was in bed for 1 hour. Yes, I really was convinced that it’s the next day but no it was still Sunday.
So I went back to bed after getting into my pyjamas. Again.
Dumb me haha. Hope you had a better night😅😂

So back to my breakfast.
I made myself proats. I cooked 65g of oats in 250ml oat milk. I added 10g chia seeds and flax seeds. After cooking I mixed it with my cinnamon protein powder for the ultimate Christmas kick. For the topping, I chose a pear, a drizzle of honey, and some hemp seeds😍

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