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GEGRILDE-GROENTENSALADE met kabeljauw De zon schijnt dus waarom maak je geen nou…


The sun is shining so why don’t you make a nourishing salad bowl☀️

I live for some carbs mixed with a Mediterranean salad mix🤩

RECEPT voor één:
– 95g perl/pearl couscous
– 35g Mediterranean salad mix with arugula
– 140g zucchini
– 90 gram paprika
– 20 gram rode ui
- olijfolie
- limoensap
- witte wijn azijn
- balsamico azijn
– kabeljauw
- feta kaas

1️⃣ cut your veggies and add them to a baking tray. Drizzle some olive oil on top and bake for 30-40 minutes at 200°C until they are grilled

2️⃣ wash the salad

3️⃣ mix around 5g olive oil, 5g white wine vinegar, 5g balsamic vinegar, 10g lime juice, Italian herbs, salt, pepper, and garlic for the dressing

4️⃣ fry the cod shortly before the veggies are grilled and cook the couscous

5️⃣ mix the veggies with the cooked couscous, the salad, and the cod

6️⃣ add the dressing and some feta cheese

now enjoy😍🥰

It was so refreshing. Save for later and tag me in your recreations.

inspired by veganfoods_delicious


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