Dieet plan

Green Goddess schaal Yep, het is weer zover. Een andere dag een andere kom As sim…

Green Goddess bowl😍🥗

Yep, it’s that time again. Another day another bowl😅

As simple as it it’s👩🏻‍🍳

– 80g quinoa schneekoppe_seit_1927
– 100g frozen brussels sprouts
– 80 gram broccoli
– one small avocado 🥑
– iceberg lettuce
– kipfilet
- olijfolie
– sunflower seeds

1️⃣ fry the chicken in some oil and cook the quinoa

2️⃣ prep your greens and cook them

3️⃣ throw everything together and top with some healthy fats😊

I love that kind of lunch. You sit the whole day and all you wanna do is take a rest is you just throw everything together and it’s done. The best way to get some healthy food in🥗


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