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GROENE KOKOS GARNALEN NOEDELS Niemand: Instagram: laten we een foto maken van mijn lunch in…


Instagram: let’s take a pic of my lunch in the grass with some daisies 😂🤫

The sun was out for one day so I needed to celebrate it with a summery Asian lunch🥰

– 95g egg-noodles (mie-noodles)
– 100ml coconut milk
– 15g green curry paste
– 15 ml sojasaus
– 10 ml citroensap
– 5 ml rijstazijn
– 3g gemberpoeder
– Broccoli
- limabonen
– king prawns/shrimp

1️⃣ cut and wash the broccoli – cook for 8 minutes along with the beans

2️⃣ cook the noodles

3️⃣ mix the curry paste with the soy sauce, rice vinegar, lime juice, and ginger powder

4️⃣ fry the prawns, add the cooked veggies and the noodles to the same pan and let it cook

5️⃣ add the mixed sauce and the coconut milk and serve💚😊


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