Dieet plan

GEBAKKEN AARDAPPELEN MET GROENTEN -> swipe om mijn lunch samen te stellen Ik hou van groenten en…

-> swipe to build my lunch with me

I love veggies and I love fried potatoes. But I am always too lazy to wait until they are crispy😅 this time I cut them into tiny cubes and they became crispy so fast😍

– aardappelen
– paprika
- courgette
– dried tomatoes
– cubed ham
- eieren
– salt, pepper, garlic, dill

1️⃣ cube the potatoes and cook them for 5min

2️⃣ cut the other veggies and fry them in olive oil, add the ham – put into the heated oven until everything else is done

3️⃣ fry the potatoes until they are crispy and season – place into the oven as well

4️⃣ fry the eggs

5️⃣ add everything on to a plate and enjoy😊


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