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Pluizige pruimencake swipe past bij de consistentie Ja, ik had deze cake als ontbijt b ...

Fluffy plum cake💗☁️ swipe fit the consistency😊

Yes, I had this cake for breakfast but feel free to eat this as a dessert🥰

– 85g oat flour
– 100 ml havermelk
- 1 ei
– 15g protein powder
– 3g cacao powder(optional)
– 135g yogurt (vegan)
- bakpoeder
– 95g plums
- kaneel

-> Mix all the dry ingredients, separate the egg white, and beat until stiff. Add the egg yolk with the other liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix. You might need less or more oat milk. Gently stir in the stiff egg white. Add the plums on top along with some cinnamon. Bake at 175°C for about 45 minutes.

This tastes amazing. Hope you like it as much as I did😊 little tip: I prepared this cake the night before. Just store it in the fridge.


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