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FETA PASTA-TREND maar dan met courgette Het was tijd voor mij om deze enorme feta p…

FETA PASTA-TREND but with zucchini💗

It’s was time for me to try this huge feta pasta trend. I’ve seen it everywhere and because I like feta cheese and pasta why not?😅😇

First of all:
I do not have a clear opinion yet. So I can’t really say if this trend is overrated or not. I will try it again and maybe I’ll have a result after the second time😊

– 100g spaghetti
– 20 gram rode ui
– 140g tomatoes
– 100g zucchini
– 80 gram fetakaas
– 10g olive oil
– Italian herbs

1️⃣ wash your veggies and cut the zucchini and onion

2️⃣ add the veggies and the feta cheese into an ovenproof dish and coat everything with olive oil and Italian herbs

~ bake for around 30 minutes at 180-200°C ~

3️⃣ kook de pasta

4️⃣ mash the feta and the veggies and mix with pasta

et voilà👩🏻‍🍳

It is as easy as it sounds🥰


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