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Romige tomatenbulgur Dit gerecht in combinatie met verse kabeljauw is een schot in de roos I l…

Creamy tomato bulgur🤯🤩

This dish in combination with fresh cod hits the spot😍

I love a good fish and I love anything creamy so this was just heaven to me😊

– 65g bulgur
– 120g broccoli
– 100g paprika
– 70 gram tomaten
– 30 g tomatenpuree
– 60g herb cream cheese
- havermelk
– kabeljauw
- olijfolie

1️⃣ cook the bulgur and the broccoli

2️⃣ fry the cod in some olive oil – set aside

3️⃣ in the same pan add the cooked bulgur with all the veggies – add the tomato paste and the cream cheese

4️⃣ stir and add oat milk for the preferred consistency

5️⃣ add the cod

Please be aware that the amount of each ingredient I use doesn’t have to be the amount you want to use. This was the amount my body needed that day but of course, it works with more bulgur or less broccoli as well😊


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