Dieet plan

Ontbijt op een heel nieuw niveau wauw, ik heb vanmorgen wentelteefjes gedaan en eigenlijk ...

Breakfast on a whole new level wow 🤯

I did French toasts this morning and actually, I always thought that I am not a French toast person. I never understood why people like it. Until this morning every time I made French toast, it turned out super wobbly, and just it good at all😅😂

I found this yummy recipe posted by breakfastbyanna and I chatted a little but with her. She gave me some tips and they were so good😍 thanks for that🥰

The first time in my French toast history they got crispy and delicious😍

– some bread harrybrot
– 20g vanilla protein powder myproteinde
– 120ml oat milk
- kaneel

-> Mix the protein powder, the oat milk, and the cinnamon. Now take the bread and let it soak in the mixture. Heat up a pan with some oil and place in the bread. On high heat let it sit for 5 minutes then flip it around and let it sit again.
It should get crispy and super delicious😇🤩🤫

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