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ONTBIJT CHEESECAKE Dit was een feest, het was letterlijk een cheesecake voor b…


This was a celebration😍 it was literally a cheesecake for breakfast🤯 I love it💗


– 70 gram havermeel
– 1 eiwit
– 20g low-fat quark
– 3g cacao
– 15 g amandelboter
– around 100ml oat milk
– maple syrup

Cheesecake layer:
– 125g low-fat quark
– cacao
– 1/2 banana
- havermelk

1️⃣ mix all ingredients for the bottom in a blender and add to a greased cake form – be careful with the milk you might need less

2️⃣ mash the banana

3️⃣ mix the quark with a splash of milk and the banana

4️⃣ mix half of the quark with the cacao

5️⃣ put the white and the cacao quark on top of the bottom

6️⃣ bake at 180°C for about 30 minutes

I added some blueberries before baking😊


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