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BLACK-WOEST GEBAKKEN HAVER Ik wil niet dramatisch zijn, maar dit ontbijt was kunst die ik...


Don’t wanna be dramatic but this breakfast was art 😂😍 I swear by God there is no filter on it -> swipe for the video proof. It did look like this😍 the blueberries were so deep blue🤩

I was craving some baked oats after my workout but I also wanted to try something new. I love to eat hot food with something cold. Call me weird but it is true😅🤫

This baked oatmeal was the best I’ve probably ever eaten😍 can’t describe it in words.

It’s chocolate-baked oatmeal with a layer of low-fat quark, cacao, and more berries. Just like black-Forest cake

– 75 gram havermeel
– 25g chocolate protein powder
– 6g chia seeds, flax seeds
– 150-180ml oat milk (I used cacao oat milk oatly)
– mixed berries
– 40g low-fat quark
– cacaopoeder

1️⃣ mix the oat flour, milk, protein powder, and the seeds together

2️⃣ grab an ovenproof dish and fill half the batter in – add the berries – now add the other half of the batter

3️⃣ bake for 15min at 200°C

4️⃣ grab the low-fat quark and stir in a bit of extra milk or liquid so it’s not that stiff and more on the liquidity side

5️⃣ after baking spread the low-fat quark on the oatmeal and add the cacao and some berries on top

So good😍

Save for later😊


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