Dieet plan

Een goed pasta-moment Ik zeg altijd dat één pasta per dag de dokter weghoudt en zo ver…

A good pasta moment🥰 I always say one pasta a day keeps the doctor away and so far I wasn’t wrong😊

How are you doing?

The last two days we had summer☀️ the sun was bright and warm. Sadly it’s over and it’s raining again🥺

Anyways this pasta salad is added to my list of my favorite recipes🤩

– 100 gram pasta
– 100g tinned tuna
– 100g zucchini
– 55g dried tomatoes
– 25g capers
– 30g olives
– 8g olive oil + some more
– 5g balsamico azijn
– 3g mustard
- pijnboompitten

1️⃣ cook the pasta as instructed

2️⃣ in an oiled pan fry the zucchini – season with salt, pepper, chili, and garlic

3️⃣ cut the olives and the tomatoes

4️⃣ mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and mustard

5️⃣ add everything to a bowl and mix – top off with pine nuts and enjoy☀️


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