Dieet plan

Een soort vissoep, maar dan met bulgur. Pak wat kokosmelk, vis en een paar…

A fish soup kinda lunch but with bulgur👩🏻‍🍳

Grab some coconut milk, fish, and a few veggies and here you go😊

RECIPE for one:
– 70g bulgur (more or less or nothing works as well. I just wanted to include carbs)
– Alaska coalfish
– 100g coconut milk (full fat)
– 200g tomato sauce
– 180g eggplant
– 100 gram tomaten
– 130g frozen lima beans
– 25g onion
– 30g baby spinach
- olijfolie

1️⃣ cook the bulgur

2️⃣ fry the fish with the onions

3️⃣ add the eggplant and sautee everything together

4️⃣ add all the other veggies as well as the coconut milk and tomato sauce

5️⃣ season to your liking and serve with the bulgur or carb you like

Did not expect it to taste this good🤩🤫


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