Dieet plan

Een koude ochtend en warme havermout, is er een betere manier om de dag te beginnen? Niet verdunnen…

A cold morning and warm oats, is there a better way to start the day? Don’t think so😅

I have to admit that I first thought I messed it up, because I used to much water to cook my oats. It first looked like a solo with oats😂 and I actually wanted to add milk to it too😇

So picture me standing in front of the stove with a cooking spoon constantly stirring my oats for 7 minutes till the liquid absorbed😂

Yep, that’s me. A good definition I would say🤫

Anyway, the end result was pretty good😊

~ 55g oats
~ 10g chia seeds
~ 5g flax seeds
~ 10g hemp protein
~ 5g cacaopoeder
~ water
~ oat milk

the toppings I choose today are a gold kiwi, a plum, red currants on a bed of Greek yogurt, and hemp seeds😊🤤
After the swirl, I added almond butter😍

I hope the start of your day was a bit more successful than mine🤗😂

Have a wonderful morning and day☀️💗

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