Dieet plan

8min feta pasta Ik zal nooit meer normale feta pasta maken deze is zo lekker...

8min feta pasta🍝😍

I’ll never make normal feta pasta again🤩 this one is so much quicker and so tasty I don’t see a reason to wait so long for it if I can make THIS instead🤯

– pasta
– tomaten
– Broccoli
– kappertjes
- rode ui
- feta kaas
– voedingsgist
- olijfolie

1️⃣ grab a pan and place the pasta in it. Fill up with water until slightly covered

2️⃣ add the veggies, the feta, and some oil

3️⃣ cook as long as the instructions on the pasta packaging

4️⃣ add the nutritional yeast after cooking and season it

5️⃣ enjoy💛


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