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What time is it? AISAN LUNCHTIME You know I’m obsessed with Asian recipes. I l…

What time is it?

You know I’m obsessed with Asian recipes. I like the way they season their food and it’s so healthy (depending on the way you prep it but it’s easy to mean it healthy😅).

I came out of school and just throw everything together, pretty easy if you ask me🤫

– 119g yogurt paprika seasoned chicken breast
– broccoli
– pak choi
– brown rice
– soy sauce
– coconut oil

1) first melt the coconut oil in a pan

2) add the veggies and a bit of soy sauce, after a few minutes take the veggies out and keep them warm (for example in the oven)

3) sautée the chicken in the pan till it’s done and put it in the oven too

4) now add the cooked rice in the same pan and mix in some more soy sauce. It’s some sort of fried rice without the egg😅

just put everything on a plate and enjoy😊

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