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-> swipe for the real foodporn oriental-ish breakfast It’s official. You can ca…

-> swipe for the real foodporn😍
oriental-ish breakfast☀️💗

It’s official. You can call me fig-obsessed😇😍

I made up this yummy oriental-inspired breakfast bowl. This hits different you guys😍😅

~ 50g oats
~ 180ml hazelnut milk alpro
~ cinnamon
~ vanilla

-> heat up the milk in a pot and add all other ingredients. Add in some more milk or water to get a creamy consistency.

~ 2 figs
~ blueberries
~ pomegranate seeds
~ tahini
~ cacao nibs

at the bottom of the bowl, I had some skyr alpro for some extra protein😇💪🏻

I hope it inspired you to try out new things☺️

[unbezahlte Werbung]

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