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-> swipe for the real Creamy smoothie (overnight)-oats THIS is some new shit….

-> swipe for the real
😍Creamy smoothie (overnight)-oats🥰

THIS is some new shit. I love love love smoothie bowls but I need more carbs than just the fruits. As a result, I came up with the idea of making smoothie overnight-oats.

They are insanely creamy because of the method I used and the taste is even better🤯

The chocolate crust on top is the cherry on top😌

– 70g oats
– 27g protein powder
– 150g almond yogurt
– 100ml oat milk (less or more)
– 50g banana
– 100g frozen fruit (raspberries)
– chia seeds
– flax seeds
– nut butter

– 5g cacao powder
– hot water

1️⃣ blend all listed ingredients (except the ones for the topping) in a blender until smooth

2️⃣ fill it into a bowl and store in the fridge over the night (you can eat them immediately as well)

3️⃣ mix the cacao powder with some hot water and place on a plate – freeze over the night

4️⃣ in the morning place the chocolate on top of the oats and enjoy this refreshing breakfast😍

It’s heavenly 👼🏻

You can eat them right away after mixing or prep them the night before. It’s up to you😌


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