Diet Plan

-> swipe for the real Chocolate cake for breakfast? Sure This is such a quic…

-> swipe for the real 😍

Chocolate cake for breakfast? Sure🥰

This is such a quick and refreshing protein breakfast. It’s incredible🤫👩🏻‍🍳

– 80g oats
– 250ml oat milk/hazelnut milk
– 30g chocolate protein powder myproteinde
– 5g chia seeds
– 5g flax seeds

– yogurt (I used almond yogurt)
– berries
– cacao powder

the night before:

1️⃣ cook your oats like normal oatmeal

2️⃣ transfer to a bowl, let it cool down, and put it into the fridge over the night

in the morning:

1️⃣ flip the bowl upside down and place the cake on a plate

2️⃣ spread the yogurt over the cake, sprinkle the cocoa powder, and add the berries😊

This is so good🥰 the consistency is 🤌🏻

Hope you’ll like it as well😊

Make sure to like, and save for later😇


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