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PANCAKE CEREAL Long time not seen I don’t know exactly when I had this the last…


Long time not seen💚 I don’t know exactly when I had this the last time but it’s a long time ago. I think it was around Christmas🤯

This time I made a more summer-appropriate version with matcha and blueberries🥰

– 75g oat flour
– 30g matcha protein powder
– 50g banana
– 10g almond butter
– 3g chia seeds
– liquid (oat milk, water, etc.)
– blueberries
– olive oil for the pan

-> combine the dry ingredients and add some liquid till the dough has a nice consistency. Don’t forget the mashed banana. From tiny pancakes in a pan. Once they are done transfer them into your cereal bowl add your berries and some more oat milk🥰


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