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MATCHA OATS-> swipe for the melt Do more things that make you happy I am obses…

MATCHA OATS🤩-> swipe for the melt

Do more things that make you happy🥰

I am obsessed with my matcha but I prefer to drink it cold and since the winter decided to have a big comeback these days I am not in the most for an iced-matcha🍵☹️

This day I was daydreaming about summer and my matcha and decided to combine my two favs and make it into one🥰

The result was this berry matcha-oatmeal👩🏻‍🍳💗

It’s as simple as you might think🤫

1️⃣ heat your chosen liquid (I used oat milk) and stir in your matcha. Let it dissolve

2️⃣ add your oats and if you like some chia seeds

I added some protein powder in and topped it with some defrosted raspberries, fresh blueberries, some banana, a big piece of chocolate, hemp hearts, and dried coconut🤩

I love the molten chocolate and the berries. Well actually I love everything about this bowl😅

Hope you’ll like it as well💗


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